About Guns and Country

Welcome to Guns and Country and thank you for taking the time to read what we’re all about. Guns and Country was first founded in early 2014 after James from Birmingham found it hard to financially support his own shooting interests. Initially started as a hobby with a single purpose, Guns and Country has grown into one the best online country clothing and field sports accessories retailers. At the heart of Guns and Country is our renowned customer service. We always go the extra mile for our customers after James himself and a fellow group of keen country enthusiasts were continuously being made disappointed by other online retailers, often experiencing poor delivery times and slow customer service. Today Guns and Country stocks a wide range of country clothing and field sports accessories from brands such as Bonart, Ridgeline and many more and delivers to customers doors here in the UK, Europe, the USA and Australia.

At Guns and Country, we’re not just mad about everything country, we all live and breathe the countryside. When we partake in country sports, we wear the same clothing and use the same equipment we sell right here. It’s this way that makes us so confident that every customer of ours will be just as pleased as we are. We work with well known brands including Bonart, Ridgeline, Club Interchasse and many more to ensure the products we sell are of a high quality and nothing less. With our state of the art ordering system, you’re order will be received, honored and dispatched to you quicker than ever before.

When it comes to our vision, we wan’t to see Guns and Country make more and more happy customers just like you! – We’re passionate about changing the way online retailers work and how they treat their customers. Where has the good old fashioned customer service gone? As Guns and Country continues to grow, more and more pressure will be applied to other retailers to change their act. Customers should enjoy an easy and happy shopping experience and sadly, it’s not always the case.

At Guns and Country, we will do everything to make your shopping experience with us the best possible. We focus on delivering exceptional value for money and customer service that really does make a difference.

Customer Service
Value for Money
Hard Work

Guns and Country was founded by James Alexander Miller. James began Guns and Country as a hobby having needed to find ways to financially support his passion for the sport. James grew up in the West Midlands and began horse riding at the age of seven. James to this day actively participates in shooting and horse riding and can often be found riding with his young family.

On a day to day basis, James runs Guns and Country along with the rest of the team. It may not seem a busy job but behind the scenes, the Guns and Country team work hard everyday to ensure all orders and customer enquiries are dealt with promptly. On top of this, we regularly find ourselves in meetings with Brands and suppliers looking for the next best product. We focus a lot of time on finding and testing new products that have always inventively pleased our customers.

“Britain still has the most reliably beautiful countryside of anywhere in the world. I would hate to be part of the generation that allowed that to be lost”

Who We Are

We’re Guns and Country and we’re proud to be one of the fastest growing online retailers specialising in Country Clothing, Equestrian and Field Sports related products.

Our Story So Far

Since starting in early 2014, we’ve turned many people all over the world into happy Guns and Country customers. Customer service and great value for money is at the heart of Guns and Country. We love what we do, we love what we have become.

Our Mission and Approach

We’re all about great customer service and excellent value for money at Guns and Country. Our mission is simple. It’s to make you happy!

The Valuable Team Members

There’s five of us here, all working hard behind the scenes to ensure you have a great shopping experience with us. Oh and not forgetting Louie, the office Cocker X Collie.

Keeping Great Company

When we talk about Guns and Country, we try to describe ourselves as a community rather than just an online country clothing store. We love our customers and we always do everything possible to ensure they love us back! Our customers, whether they speak to us over the phone or email, make Guns and Country worth it.

Find us in the Countryside

Find us in the Countryside

We’re country mad. We love shooting, we love horse riding and we love what we do. You never know, you may just bump into us one day.

Order Online with Guns and Country

Order Online

Ordering online is incredibly easy with Guns and Country. Simply search our online country shop for something you fancy and we’ll get it to you before you can shout ‘pull’ – well not literally!

Guns and Country TV

Guns and Country TV

We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring Guns and Country TV to life. It won’t be too long away so keep checking back.