Why You Should Practice Clay Shooting In The Summer

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Clay shooting in the summer: Why you should be visiting your local clay ground

There’s many reasons why you should be clay shooting in the summer this year. Like most people at this time of year, we’re all waiting for some warm weather. As the temperatures begin to climb, you should be heading down to your local clay ground.

Many guns simply lock their shotguns away come February and wait patiently for the following driven game season. There are many different types of shooting available come the closure of the driven game season such as pigeon shooting if clay shooting in the summer is not your cup of tea. For most though, a few hours down at the clay ground with some friends is all you need to both keep your skills up to date and involved in the shooting world until the next season.

Once the driven game shooting season closes, even the most passionate of guns simply clean and lock away their pride of joy and there’s no reason too. Clay shooting in the summer is most defiantly worth considering and we’ll explain why.

Shooting a shotgun is a highly skilled eye-to-hand coordination sport that all of us attempt to master to perfection. It can take years of practice to perfect and some, including us never do seem to perfect it. Simply by locking your shotgun away come February not only excludes you from taking part in the sport with friends but it can also have a detrimental affect on your shooting ability. There are of course going to be some people who can simply forget about their shotgun and pick right off from where they last left off come the next season but for the majority of us, it’s just not the case.

Some people view clay shooting as boring and we disagree. Clay shooting in the summer is most defiantly far from boring and there are plenty of different options to keep you occupied.

Our favourite option for clay shooting in the summer

Our favourite for clay shooting in the summer has to be nothing other than a simulated game shoot. Simulated clay shoots are both realistic and fun to take part in. Typically speaking, they are run similar to game days in an attempt to keep the day as realistic as possible. In the morning, you’ll meet for coffee and a bacon roll before then moving off to the first drive. If you’ve never tried taking part in a simulated game shoot, it’s defiantly worth considering.

Clay shooting in the summer is not expensive

A lot of people can be put off with the idea of extra expense clay shooting brings but this is nothing more than a common myth. In fact, the Guns and Country team recently visited a local ground and enjoyed 50 clays each for £12. For those that are interested in taking part in a simulated game shoot, prices vary but generally start from around £150 each for a basic day.

Important tips and advice for clay shooting in the summer

  1. Make sure the shotgun you are planning on using fits you. If you’re at all concerned, we recommend you visit a local shooting school and have a professional gun fit. Most people will see an improvement in their shooting abilities straight away.
  2. If you’re new to clay shooting, you should consider booking a course of lessons. The amount of lessons you will need is down to you to decide but generally speaking, six lessons is typically more than sufficient.
  3. We recommend you purchase a clay shooting vest. They’re great for ensuring you always have the next cartridge close to hand, plus they look great too!
  4. Invite a few friends to join you. The more people you involve, the merrier. Clay shooting in the summer can be just as sociable as game shooting in December.
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